Fritz: 15 Months

Molly and Fritz Rochester Minnesota

This month has gone by so quickly. Here are some HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Fritz started saying “what’s that?” “all gone” and “bubbles”

  • He claps when we tell him “Fritz, no!”

  • No more crawling, walking like a champ!

  • Dude has his 16 month checkup next week, but when we took him in for a viral rash he only weight 26 pounds, so I’m curious to see if they will be concerned about his weight dropping. I would think this would be totally normal due to all that he is moving around!

  • Adam and I went to New Orleans for our FIVE year wedding anniversary

  • Fritz has his first few tumbles. A friend a daycare rode over him with a bike and then be took a face first diver yesterday. It is so sad to see his sweet little face beat up.

  • I’ve been trying to work out 4x a week! Pure Barre, Pilates and Cardio! I’m loving it!

  • Fritz and I took “mama and me” photos with Twelve Ten Photography. I am so in love with them.

mom and me photo inspiration

mom and me dreamy boho photo free people dress