MONTH Eight: Update

When I decided to re-launch Marlowe + McKerihan I was coming from a place of grief (I think that is the right emotion). I was “trying” not to mourn that the first few months of Fritz’s life were scarred by an undercurrent of anxiety and sadness.

When I think about all that we went through, it is SO small in comparison to what other’s deal with. But I still can’t minimize what we felt and still feel. I am so proud of how Adam and I worked together to make it through this. I’m also so thankful we went through it and that we had our close friends and family to support us.

This week I’m traveling for work for the first time in over a year. Last time I went to my company meeting Fritz was in my tum. I’m looking forward to hanging out with all of my co-workers for three days in Chicago. BUT, my heart aches a little that Fritz will be at home without me. on the other hand I’m also really thrilled that Adam gets the change to hang with him solo! AND, that at the end of the week we all get to see our families!!!!!

Lots of mixed emotions!

Fritz Grimm at almost 8 moths Rochester MN Baby.JPG

Fritz will be EIGHT months tomorrow!

  • He is trying to crawl and mostly scooting backwards. He launched himself under the couch this weekend.

  • He LOVES his pouches of food. We tried a new Ancient Grains one this weekend with Pineapple, a total hit!

  • He won’t fall asleep without a paci and has little interest in Wubanubs anymore. This kind of breaks my heart.

  • He has grown so much! We is wearing mostly 6-12 clothes, some 6-9 fit and some 9-12 do as well.

  • He has his first cough and cold, but just slept a little more than usual.

  • Still no teeth, but so much drool!

  • He is starting to makes sounds that appear to be words, “DaDa”.

  • He loves being tipped upside down and when I open my mouth really wide in his face (ha), it makes him belly laugh.

  • He is great at entertaining himself as long as he has a pile of toys.

The best thing we’ve purchased in the last month is a Wader & Roam mat. There are a ton of options on Amazon, but this one looked so soft (it is!) and Fritz can’t rip apart the tiles and eat them (everything goes in his mouth right now).

Huge Bonus: it looks like a rug! I actually removed our living room rug and put it down. I even love sitting on the floor with him to play on it. I really did get a lot of questions on this, and highly recommend it. The owner reached out on Instagram and shared Fritz’s picture + video. She was SO lovely and incredibly sweet and said her boys (who are a bit older than Fritz) still use theirs everyday!

Check out Wander & Roam here. They are also a great Instagram follow and share so many sweet toys!