What I've Primed This Week.

This is the thing:

  1. I have a baby.

  2. I work in Digital Marketing + Advertising



    So this happens: You find yourself ordering A L L of the things. BONUS: I also find great deals on Amazon. I've gotten lucky with some really nice quality pieces that aren’t name brand, but feel identical to items I’ve spent a lot of $$$ on!

Shoes for Family photos size 6-12

I got Fritz these shoes for family photos. His mocs are too small, his Addidas aren’t appropriate and his Old Navy high tops have seen better days. These were $6.99. Look like a $60 pair I was eyeing and will photograph SO well.


One of my favorite mamas (and humans, and bloggers, and bosses) posted about her sweet girl’s toys. Then I decided to make an amazon order and purchased this guy. However, I would HIGHLY suggest heading to Meg’s blog and checking out what Nell loves. We also ordered the rattle she posted about (I’m not using an affiliate link, because Meg deserves ALL the credit for that one and you need to click through on her post - - - NOT SORRY, LOVE YOU). Fritz played with the rattle for a solid TEN minutes before he moved on to this toy, that is like a baby jackpot, in baby minutes. We are huge fans of Manhattan Toy and Fat Brain Toy.

Papercode [Upgraded] 12 Strong Scratch-Free Refrigerator Magnet Clips for Organizing, Decorating & All of Life's Needs! - Bonus Magnetic Notepad - Best Value Set

This one is short. I decided all of my refrigerator magnets needed to match. Because we now have ARTWORK from a CHILD. I ordered these. They were $8.99 and my life is now much better.

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Drooling and Teething 4 Pack Gift Set For Boys and Girls “Alpine Set” by Copper Pearl

Will drooling ever stop? Will it ever lessen? Will there be a day when his shirt is not completely soaked? Will he ever fall asleep on my arm and it not be a giant puddle of baby spit? There is no end in sight, we need more bibs. I hate patterns, but love stripes! Easy to mix with a variety of outfits and worth the price. I HAVE tested a few brands and I really do think Copper Pearl Bibs absorb the most. I really want to try this brand next, I love their burp cloths.

*Full disclosure. The links in this post are affiliate links.

What Molly Wore.

There has been A LOT of baby content in the last few months, so to break it up I thought I would share what I’ve recently purchased!

Uniqlo Teddy Bear Jacket

Technically, I didn’t purchase this EXACT Teddy Bear coat, but I can vouch for it. I bought a super pretty one from Zara in a light brown (I can’t find it online) an it is a bit more structured than the Uniqlo one. I’m debating returning it and going for the Beige version. It is lined and a little floppy and SO soft. Get it, please.

Lambs Wool Sweater

This was another UNIQLO score. It was my first time shopping in the physical brick and motor store in Chicago and they have so many great staples. This was $29.90. For my normal fit I probably would have gotten a medium or a large, but sized up to an XL for a my boyish fit. I’ve worn it three times since I purchased it last week and honestly, might need a few more. I washed it on the “hand-wash” setting on our machine with Dreft and it honestly smelled like burnt hair afterwards, but kept its shape and looks good as new!

Ag Middi Ankle Jeans

There are my favorite jeans of all time, the AG MIDDI ANKLE I have a black and blue pair (both distressed). They hit me higher than just a mid-rise and have a lot of stretch, but aren’t SO tight. They also have REALLY small ankles, which I need. I’m a little bit worried that AG is going to stop making them, because they are sort of hard to find online. I actually ordered a pair from Amazon of all places!!!

Here is a look at everything I wore last week in Chicago! I snagged the photos from my Instagram so you could see sources!

You Have a Baby...in a BREWERY


We bring Fritz everywhere with us. It has been one of the best parts of parenthood seeing him discover the world. He hears new noises, sees new faces, smells new smells and takes in all of the color and light around him. It really is quite magical.

We take Fritz out to dinner (but have a NO tablecloth rule), he has traveled with us, stayed in nice hotels, and been to breweries in Milwaukee, San Diego, Minneapolis and most recently Little Thistle in Rochester, MN. Steve and Dawn, the owners, are the kind of people every community should be blessed with. Not only are they GOOD people (like the best), but they brew fantastic beer. Steve even dropped off a Little Thistle onesie for Fritz, when he was first born! To say we feel comfortable there is an understatement, we feel welcome, at home, even. It is an escape for us out of the house on a Friday night. Could we get a babysitter, sure? BUT we pay $15 an hour and sometimes we would rather spend time with our child after a week of working all day then pay someone $60 to sit with him, in another house, for four hours.

The reason I’m telling you this is because recently the topic of babies in a brewery came up. Our local radio station published an article by one of their personalities on the issue. I probably shouldn’t have taken it personally, but it felt personal. Primarily since the writer was there the night, I was, with my Fritz and another family and their two kids. Maybe, I’m being oddly sensitive, but it felt like an attack on my parenting. And I’ll say it: I AM A REALLY GOOD MOM. ADAM IS A REALLY GOOD DAD. I don’t need to be told that by anyone, or be lead to second guess it.

Here is the writer’s point of view: babies in breweries are a NO. Please note: this is a brewery, not a bar, though Fritz has been to a bar, too! He loved it and slept the WHOLE time. Adam and I aren’t getting drunk. We are having a drink (maybe two) with friends, to enjoy their company and watch our sweet children interact. Honestly, it is entertaining! They giggle, take in their surrounding, and might yelp a little if they want some milk.

The author said the kids made her feel awkward. She didn’t see the point of them being there, because Little Thistle doesn’t serve food. She suggested parents should plan ahead, find a babysitter and not bring a child to a place where other adults want to get drunk. Again, this isn’t a bar. I personally have never gotten drunk at a brewery. But to each their own. I’m not going to shove my “morals and values” in this woman’s face and tell her if the decisions she makes are right or wrong, but my decision to have my baby at a brewery, made her feel weird. And that is ok, but it makes me feel weird.

“Full disclosure: I'm not a parent, but if I were I wouldn't be bringing my child to a brewery that doesn't serve food. Why do they need to be there? Are they eating food too? (That I understand!) Do I need to censor myself around them because they're so young? Honestly, that's how it felt.”

Fritz is eight months, so unless they serve organic puree, he is not eating. It is milk for that kiddo. And he is going to hear worse things on the playground than he is coming from your mouth.

“I get it - parents need a night out. Plan ahead. If what you really want to do is try a brewery, why not find child care so you can truly enjoy yourself? You wouldn't have to watch them. You could just focus on the beer and each other. I do understand that sometimes finding child care is easier than others, but isn't a plan like this worth a little more planning ahead?

I did wonder if maybe I was being insensitive about this. As I said, I'm not a parent. I went to talk to our resident "Mom expert" Jessica Williams of Y105-FM and got her perspective on this scenario. She said, "I wouldn't bring my kids to a brewery that didn't serve food. I would think that'd be boring for them.""

A few points here, last Friday, I DID TRULY enjoy myself! We met new friends for the first time, and they were SO lovely! Adam and I can’t wait to hang out with them again! Childcare is not cheap, sure we are in a position to afford it, but it adds up. $60-$80 every Friday is the typical rate and to be clear, Fritz does have babysitters! Last weekend he had one from 1 PM - 9 PM while Adam and I were up in the cities at a tailgate-themed couples shower. He is having one overnight when we go up to the cities for the U of M homecoming game. Sometimes we just choose to be with our child, because spending time with our child, in public is crucial to us. Fritz was not bored, we bring toys, we talk to him. We don’t ignore him while we enjoy our beers. I’m guessing the mom-expert’s kids are older than Fritz, but they also might enjoy the old school Nintendo, Pac-Man, tons of board games or the bags that are outside!

Honestly, there seemed to be more parents with kids at Little Thistle than without. Maybe that is where the uncomfortable feeling comes from? Before I had kids I made unfair judgements too. I would get annoyed when a child sitting behind me in an airplane would kick my seat or when when would run in front of my cart in the grocery store. But I get it now. We are all doing THE BEST we can.

I did something I never do, and I choose to respond to the radio station on Facebook, and I had a pending request from the author (I think from a few months ago) and reposted it on her wall. She said it was to keep the dialogue open. I’m guessing the radio station is loving all the traffic they are getting and kudos. But as my friends put it maybe starting a “mommy war” as clickbait wasn’t the most delightful way to go about it.

Facebook Post Little Thistle Response to KROC

If you feel so inclined to read the article it can be found here.

MONTH Eight: Update

When I decided to re-launch Marlowe + McKerihan I was coming from a place of grief (I think that is the right emotion). I was “trying” not to mourn that the first few months of Fritz’s life were scarred by an undercurrent of anxiety and sadness.

When I think about all that we went through, it is SO small in comparison to what other’s deal with. But I still can’t minimize what we felt and still feel. I am so proud of how Adam and I worked together to make it through this. I’m also so thankful we went through it and that we had our close friends and family to support us.

This week I’m traveling for work for the first time in over a year. Last time I went to my company meeting Fritz was in my tum. I’m looking forward to hanging out with all of my co-workers for three days in Chicago. BUT, my heart aches a little that Fritz will be at home without me. on the other hand I’m also really thrilled that Adam gets the change to hang with him solo! AND, that at the end of the week we all get to see our families!!!!!

Lots of mixed emotions!

Fritz Grimm at almost 8 moths Rochester MN Baby.JPG

Fritz will be EIGHT months tomorrow!

  • He is trying to crawl and mostly scooting backwards. He launched himself under the couch this weekend.

  • He LOVES his pouches of food. We tried a new Ancient Grains one this weekend with Pineapple, a total hit!

  • He won’t fall asleep without a paci and has little interest in Wubanubs anymore. This kind of breaks my heart.

  • He has grown so much! We is wearing mostly 6-12 clothes, some 6-9 fit and some 9-12 do as well.

  • He has his first cough and cold, but just slept a little more than usual.

  • Still no teeth, but so much drool!

  • He is starting to makes sounds that appear to be words, “DaDa”.

  • He loves being tipped upside down and when I open my mouth really wide in his face (ha), it makes him belly laugh.

  • He is great at entertaining himself as long as he has a pile of toys.

The best thing we’ve purchased in the last month is a Wader & Roam mat. There are a ton of options on Amazon, but this one looked so soft (it is!) and Fritz can’t rip apart the tiles and eat them (everything goes in his mouth right now).

Huge Bonus: it looks like a rug! I actually removed our living room rug and put it down. I even love sitting on the floor with him to play on it. I really did get a lot of questions on this, and highly recommend it. The owner reached out on Instagram and shared Fritz’s picture + video. She was SO lovely and incredibly sweet and said her boys (who are a bit older than Fritz) still use theirs everyday!

Check out Wander & Roam here. They are also a great Instagram follow and share so many sweet toys!