Fritz: 14 Months

Fritz MRI at Mayo Clinic 14 months for Head Size

It has been three months since I did a Fritz update! He is doing awesome!

We had his second MRI this last month and we got great news back. The fluid around his brain has gone down, his ventricles are still increased in size, but they believe this is just his anatomy (not hydrocephalus) and his cyst is stable in size. He is meeting all of his developmental milestones and everyone, including us, feels really confident that Fritz will be just fine. We go back into Neurology in six months and will do another MRI when Fritz is two! We are so thrilled that the diagnosis of Mega Cisterna Magna was incorrect and that we no longer have to worry about Dandy Walker. I’m so thankful for those that have reached out via email, Facebook or Instagram with their own stories. It is SUCH a scary time.

I shared these words on Instagram:

At 27 weeks pregnant we were told our baby had an abnormal brain. They threw out Dandy Walker Malformation. At three days old they confirmed he had enlarged ventricles, excessive fluid and a large posterior space between his skull and brain. We did a full genetic work up, all looked great. At three months they wanted to do a sedated MRI, we fought back. At six months we did one. He still had increased fluid, large ventricles and a large cyst. Today, six months later, Fritz and I partied in a large white tube for five minutes while I scream sang “Baby Shark”. After meeting with our Neurologist and Neurosurgeon we got GREAT news! No surgery. Cyst is stable. Fluid around the brain has decreased. His ventricles are still bigger than they would like but it appears to be his anatomy and not due to any blockage, so we will go in for another MRI in one year if nothing changes! I share this ALL because we are so fortunate. ❤️ Fritz is okay and Adam and I learned how to face what felt like a never ending obstacle as a team, and a positive one. It’s hard not worry, but we’ve just kept saying, “we can’t worry until they give us a reason to.” ❤️

Frtiz Grimm in Park City Utah

After days later we took Fritz to visit my sister in Salt Lake City. We totally lucked out on the flight out there and had the entire row to ourselves. Fritz slept and was such a good baby. One of the biggest compliments is when people tell you your child is so well behaved or mention they didn’t know a toddler was on the flight. On the way home he was a bit more rumbustious, but the people around us were so sweet. We loved staying at Kate and Billy’s beautiful new house. It was so cozy and my sister has such an eye for detail. I feel in love with SLC. I mean…you walk out of Target and get to see beautiful mountains surrounding you. We went up to Park City for the day and it was a blast. Next time I am definitely snowboarding. Did you know I’ve been snowboarding since fourth grade…and I’m actually good!!!??

This week has been packed with travel for us. I came home from Chicago last week to Fritz taking his first steps! We are working on balance, but he is doing so well and is becoming fearless. This month I am really focused on learning with him. I ordered flash cards and we are DONE with bottles. He currently only has his two bottom teeth, but his FOUR front top teeth are all coming in.Fritz will eat anything and last night I got him a Chik-fil-a kid’s meal and chocolate milk. YUM.

This weekend my mom and MIL are coming to watch Fritz. They asked to have a weekend with him and Adam and I were totally up for it. I can’t wait to see how much fun they have!

Baby Boy: Clothing

Baby boy clothing was something that intimidated me from the moment we found out our little bug was a boy. I grew up with sisters in a world of stealing shirts and mascara. I had no clue what to do with a tiny little human that would roll around in the mud and play with worms (ohhhh god). 

 Adam and I both like quality clothing, so it was tough for me to not spend ALL of the money on baby clothes for Fritz. The issue with buying clothes for a baby: they need a new wardrobe every three-ish months. There are certain special occasions that call for a special outfit but for everyday wear, it just doesn't need to cost a fortune. This is what works for us and our family! No judgment if you spend $100 on an outfit or $1. Personally, I think we dress Fritz pretty darn cute and not at the expense of his college fund. 


Baby Fritz Grimm Baby Boy Outfit Baby Style


Above is a typical Fritz outfit: Old Navy Pants, Granamals T-Shirt, Little Unicorn Bib and Freshly Picked moccasins! 

Old Navy: I go here for easy separates like a chambray shirt, striped drop crotch pants and onesies. Everything is usually under $10 and that makes me happy and I'm not gutted if it gets ruined or he outgrows it super quickly.  However, everything alway goes on sale and quickly - so what to buy what you until its majorly discounted! 

Gap: We have a bunch of summer outfits from here all in 3-6 month. I will say Baby Gap runs B I G. But Fritz is almost able to fit into a 6-12. They are having a great sale right now where nearly everything is 50% + and extra 20%. I ordered him two little pairs of camo joggers and some long sleeve henly onesies. Again, nothing really over $10-$20 here. Last summer I shopped their sale rack for 6-12 month fall sweaters which will be perfect for the next few months! 

H & M: I just picked him up some sweatshirts and pants for fall. He is growing out of his 3-6 month summer clothes at a rapid rate. H & M does tend to run a little weird their 4-6 month clothes were small and their 6-9 month clothes were H U G E. I also really think you need to see their stuff in person. The quality varies. 

Burt's Bees: Love their shortalls for daycare. Very affordable and wash really well. Bonus: Amazon Prime. 

Target: I'm sort of particular here. I like their Cat & Jack line for pants and shorts. Their Cloud Island Kimono onesies and the Afton Street brand, which is a little more on the "cool baby" side of things. I'm not really into the dress your baby up like a dino or make him wear frogs head to toe *and before you judge me, remember I grew him. He's my human doll. I can dress him in whatever I like. (JK.) 

TJ MAXX: Our TJ MAXX is like a baby heaven. They have Aiden and Anais, Little Unicorn, Vineyard Vines - - - all of the things for like $7.99 a pop. So, when I have time to dig, I go there! I have a feeling he will reject my preppy/hipster baby vibes sooner than later and demand to wear all Under Armor and Nike and in that case, its coming from TJ MAXX as well. 

Zara: Usually I have such a hard time ordering online for Fritz from Zara, but placed an order this morning and am thrilled with what I got! Some cute henleys, pocket t-shirts, harem pants and the prices were amazing. Here is a small clip of my order. 


Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 8.38.54 AM.png


Special Occasion:

Florence Eiseman: This is a Milwaukee based brand that I wore when I was a baby, as did my two sisters, but its incredibly expensive. My mom picked up Fritz a bunch of pieces and while they aren't his everyday style, he looks so cute in them! I can't wait to see him in these for Christmas with a little white oxford. 


Florence Eiseman Christmas Overalls


*Yes, Fritz has velvet Christmas overalls. 


Beaufort Bonnet Company: Again, these are special occasion outfits. We do not need to spend $60+ on a Jon Jon for him to spit up on all day.  That being said, his Gigi did think he needed a special one for the Fourth of July in San Diego and the quality is really lovely. 

SK Creations: I LOVE their stuff. The most incredible monogramming and the softest fabric. If you check out the Etsy store, you might recognize a little model on there! SK Creations made Fritz's coming home outfit and another shortall that he lived in this summer. These are more than I usually spend on everyday outfits, but $20 for a MONOGRAMMED romper is priced so well!