What I've Primed This Week.

This is the thing:

  1. I have a baby.

  2. I work in Digital Marketing + Advertising



    So this happens: You find yourself ordering A L L of the things. BONUS: I also find great deals on Amazon. I've gotten lucky with some really nice quality pieces that aren’t name brand, but feel identical to items I’ve spent a lot of $$$ on!

Shoes for Family photos size 6-12

I got Fritz these shoes for family photos. His mocs are too small, his Addidas aren’t appropriate and his Old Navy high tops have seen better days. These were $6.99. Look like a $60 pair I was eyeing and will photograph SO well.


One of my favorite mamas (and humans, and bloggers, and bosses) posted about her sweet girl’s toys. Then I decided to make an amazon order and purchased this guy. However, I would HIGHLY suggest heading to Meg’s blog and checking out what Nell loves. We also ordered the rattle she posted about (I’m not using an affiliate link, because Meg deserves ALL the credit for that one and you need to click through on her post - - - NOT SORRY, LOVE YOU). Fritz played with the rattle for a solid TEN minutes before he moved on to this toy, that is like a baby jackpot, in baby minutes. We are huge fans of Manhattan Toy and Fat Brain Toy.

Papercode [Upgraded] 12 Strong Scratch-Free Refrigerator Magnet Clips for Organizing, Decorating & All of Life's Needs! - Bonus Magnetic Notepad - Best Value Set

This one is short. I decided all of my refrigerator magnets needed to match. Because we now have ARTWORK from a CHILD. I ordered these. They were $8.99 and my life is now much better.

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Drooling and Teething 4 Pack Gift Set For Boys and Girls “Alpine Set” by Copper Pearl

Will drooling ever stop? Will it ever lessen? Will there be a day when his shirt is not completely soaked? Will he ever fall asleep on my arm and it not be a giant puddle of baby spit? There is no end in sight, we need more bibs. I hate patterns, but love stripes! Easy to mix with a variety of outfits and worth the price. I HAVE tested a few brands and I really do think Copper Pearl Bibs absorb the most. I really want to try this brand next, I love their burp cloths.

*Full disclosure. The links in this post are affiliate links.

What Molly Wore.

There has been A LOT of baby content in the last few months, so to break it up I thought I would share what I’ve recently purchased!

Uniqlo Teddy Bear Jacket

Technically, I didn’t purchase this EXACT Teddy Bear coat, but I can vouch for it. I bought a super pretty one from Zara in a light brown (I can’t find it online) an it is a bit more structured than the Uniqlo one. I’m debating returning it and going for the Beige version. It is lined and a little floppy and SO soft. Get it, please.

Lambs Wool Sweater

This was another UNIQLO score. It was my first time shopping in the physical brick and motor store in Chicago and they have so many great staples. This was $29.90. For my normal fit I probably would have gotten a medium or a large, but sized up to an XL for a my boyish fit. I’ve worn it three times since I purchased it last week and honestly, might need a few more. I washed it on the “hand-wash” setting on our machine with Dreft and it honestly smelled like burnt hair afterwards, but kept its shape and looks good as new!

Ag Middi Ankle Jeans

There are my favorite jeans of all time, the AG MIDDI ANKLE I have a black and blue pair (both distressed). They hit me higher than just a mid-rise and have a lot of stretch, but aren’t SO tight. They also have REALLY small ankles, which I need. I’m a little bit worried that AG is going to stop making them, because they are sort of hard to find online. I actually ordered a pair from Amazon of all places!!!

Here is a look at everything I wore last week in Chicago! I snagged the photos from my Instagram so you could see sources!