home for the holidays.

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This holiday season I have been all about keeping my holiday decor neural. Nearly everything I've picked up has been silver, gold, tan or white. Daring I know; however, it suits our home perfectly and will never go out of style. Above are some pieces that I find to be absolutely divine. Especially the gold striped wrapping paper and antler coat rack - it doesn't get anymore festive than that! I hope you are your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of blessings, good food and great wine! We surely did at the Grimm household in Minnesota! 

to do list.

I live each day, happily, but also by my to do list. It used to be 50-60 things to get done each day at work. I've since learned to prioritize by days of the week; and projects and clients that I'm working on. My lifesaver: a chic notebook. I love scoring cute pads of paper wherever I can. Two  of my favorites came from TJ Maxx. My dear friend, Claire, gave me one with a gold embossed Frenchie and the other says "Ridiculously Good Ideas" with black and white striped paper. If stationary and monograms don't make you happy - I'm not sure we can be friends {only joking - I adore you}. 

the wet brush.

If a Kardashian or Jenner is throwing a product up on Social Media the general public will roll their eyes. To each their own I say. While Kim may not be your cup of tea, there is something to be said for Kendall. The girl is taking the fashion, and now beauty, world by storm. I can hear you from there, "Where are you going with this Molly?" My answer: to introduce you to something that costs less than $10 and will change the way you take care of that unruly mane of yours. Kendall posted this photo on her Instagram, before Kim's assets broke it the internet; however, it has since been removed.



My amazing hair stylist, Paige, told me I couldn't live without The Wet Brush a few months ago. If you have long hair, extensions or it's just naturally hard to detangle this little tool will become your new best friend. I bought mine from the salon I go to, but it's available at a ton of places. Target even has it online! I love The Wet Brush because it detangles my hair in a gentle and safe manner. In other words, I'm not ripping out knots of hair or damaging my thin and fragile follicles. Next up on my brush list is The Shine Brush. Because what girl doesn't want shinier hair? I think it would make a great stocking stuffer for your beauty obsessed bestie! 

Here are the details from The Wet Brush website: 

The Wet Brush's Intelliflex™ bristles are super thin, strong and flexible. These bristles will glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly. The bristles’ flexibility enables protective and pain-free detangling while the SofTips™ on the very top of the bristles massage the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle. They are firm enough to comb through knots, yet flexible enough to be gentle on the scalp. Our IntelliFlex™ bristles bounce back to their original form after each stroke eliminating all the hair breakage and pain that used to be associated with brushing your hair. The Wet Brush can be used on wet or dry hair and works on extensions and wigs.

the blues.

You've heard me rave about how fantastic Old Navy's Rockstar Jeans are (here). The price and fit are perfect; however, every girl needs a pair of well made, high quality jeans in her wardrobe. Let's face it the boys in our life all need a nice pair of blue jeans too! My best friend works at Nordstrom and I had her weight in on what I should get. It was a toss up between Frame and Rag & Bone. I decided to go with the Rag & Bone in Kensington for a few reasons. I loved the color, they would hit me right below my ankle, the reviews were great and the leg seemed slim enough that I would have any weird gaps. I was blessed (sarcastic) with no waist and straight hips, I have thin legs so it can be hard to find jeans that fit perfectly everywhere! I rocked these babies for the first time yesterday, actually in a very similar fashion to the Shopbop model - go me! If you're looking to invest in jeans that will last and make your legs and tush look fantastic I LOVE these! 

I love the rolled cuff and bootie look - majorly obsessed - and it's so easy and comfy to wear! 

Ann Taylor. Friends + Family Sale.

Losing weight is fantastic. I can't complain, even though it's stress induced. However, the one thing I will say is - none of my clothes fit me! That equals spending money on a ton of new basics. I've been living in soft pants with a drawstring. Now that it's boot season I needed pants, shirt and sweaters that could transition from the office to happy hour. I feel so much more confident in front of a client if I love my outfit. Ann Taylor is one of my favorite places to shop. I think there is still a stigma that it's for older women or stuffy; however, does those leather pants look like "mom jeans" to you? BONUS: Right now they are having their Friends + Family sale. 40% OFF EVERYTHING!  Enjoy! The sale ends the 16th! 


If you were a previous reader of Molly Dixon - The Blog thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me over to Marlowe & McKerihan. After six months of not being "Molly Dixon" anymore it felt like time for a fresh new start. Marlowe has been one of my favorite names forever. It means driftwood (we are never really settled are we?) and can be nickname for Margaret my Nan's name. McKerihan is my old middle name (it's Dixon now, my maiden name), but it's a name that comes from my dad's side of the family and I think it's beautiful. Both names are unique and have an identity of their own, just like this blog. I look forward to providing you with more quality content and hopefully I'll get the boost I need to FINALLY post some outfits. I would love to hear what you would like to see on Marlowe & Mckerihan! Thank you for stopping by, I hope you brought bubbly! Cheers! x M 

P.S. I adore these Thank You Notes from la Happy

It's little.

Lately, life has been about the little things. I find myself being content with a good book and glass of wine. I also am extremely homesick for my three best friends - a good thing! Gals like that are hard to find and the definition of "once in a lifetime" friendships.

The little things:

 Kaela and I share a love of Taylor Swift (call us basic - we still have better style). Only kidding, but when I was in a crunch for some sustenance and Swifty showed up on my Diet Coke I knew KB was the only one who would appreciate it...especially since our texting spree about how great "1989" is the night before.

Our front hallway was SO colorful. I wanted neutral and I wanted gold. It looks a bit different as opposed to the pic above, I added two more Kate Spade white vases. To shake things up I added several new pieces: a rug, antler photo, and gold accent "spike thing" for under $50. Happy happy me! 

I know I'm vain, but I am also so much more. Intelligent, savvy, outgoing, outspoken, honest, fair, hardworking and a list of things people don't resonate with fashion and "pretty" things. I like my outfit selfies. I love sharing them. I adore that I can show girls you don't have to spend a fortune on what you wear. That Old Navy can look just as chic as Vince {I own many pieces from both and let it be known: huge difference in price, subtle difference in style}. 

My lastest obsession, thank you Carly, is a crusade for a white wine emoji. Developers: get it together. While you're at it Veuve called, they want an emoji too.