winter whites.

Winter has finally hit the Midwest. A beautiful nine inches of pristine white snow covered Minnesota and made driving conditions a nightmare, but one can only complain so much as it's been mild beyond belief! In the spirit of snow and my best friend, LJ, always looking chic in head to toe winter white I put together some of my favorite items - some are on MAJOR sale! What I like best about the pieces below is that they are modern classics. A few are investment pieces, but if you're like me do a little math.

Cost / Times Worn = Cost per wear (usually pretty low!!!).

Happy New Year to you and yours!



turtleneck dress.


This turtleneck sweater dress was a no brainier. It was $34 and I keep dreaming up endless ways to wear it. Including needing spanx underneath. I can see it paired with my long vintage Chanel blazer, my light pink leather jacket or even my leather moto vest that hits mid thigh - and faux fur obviously!

This is a dress shape I don't normally consider, so I definitely will be layering over it to make it feel like me. I do think it's a great versatile piece for any wardrobe.  Pairing it with tights could be tricky, so I might only get one wear out of it until spring - hello 40 degrees in December in Rochester, MN! 

Here are some other cute options:

One // Two // Three // Four // Five

Recent Purchases:

Over the lat few months, I've made a point to add pieces to my wardrobe that can function in many different situations. In the slideshow below you will find pieces from Target, LOFT, Revolve and Zara. I can jazz up a comfy duster with fun heels or wear sassy flats out for a night on the town with leather pants. I recently picked up three beautiful shirts at a new local boutique, POSH and I'm in love. I will make sure to snap photos later this week. 

On another note, I took a sort of sabbatical from the blog. Fashion, beauty and living life in a real and authentic way are truly my passions. I work in the digital world and many nights after spending my days lovingly talking about the internet, the last thing I want to do is hop on a computer. I would rather relax with a glass of wine and read - it's cool to be nerdy! While I focus on finding the best work///life balance (is there such a thing?), I hope you will still come, read and chat with me! 

Adam and I have been constantly on the go. Last weekend we made a quick 24-hour trip back to Milwaukee to celebrate my dad turning 60! It was an amazing night and I tried foie gras! 


I've been posting a lot of Facebook (just because it's super easy) so please stop by



Mozzle's Closet

That's what my high school best friends called my wardrobe before those undeniably sweet nights out when we had not a care in the world. K, K and L - I would now like to say it would be an honor to shop in an of your closets. 

BUT....for those of you that didn't have the chance to sit on my bedroom floor and down jugged wine or puke up frozen margaritas with me. You can shop my Everything is in new condition and is 100% authentic (we don't play that game here). Yes, this means you get to know what size pants, I used to, wear. GOD BLESS MY WEDDING. 

Enjoy my loves! xoxo 


And don't worry! I have lots more to add! A few Tory Burch jewelry items, lots of shoes, free people shirts and probably a million sweaters I haven't touched since last fall! 

Review: Chin Up

So, it's the end of summer and I might have had a few too many glasses of rosé resulting in a little extra facial puff. When I was contacted by Chin Up to review their product I could not help but giggle. A facelift, without the surgery? Instant skin tightening and the appearance of a slimmer face? What? No.

I texted my girlfriends and the response was "if you don't do it, we will"! It was settled I would try Chin Up so you don't have to. The mask came out similar to the SK II masks; however, it's meant to just cover the lower half of your fave. Once the mask is applied you are to put an elastic band around your face, don't worry, it has ear holes and wait for 30 minutes. Easy! I looked ridiculous and the sensation was not the greatest your skin gets quite warm and tingles. If you have had a chemical peel before it's a similar, but much less aggressive, sensation. The mask is supposed to reduce a double chin by 1-2 cm in 30 minutes. I don't have a double chin, but my face did look slimmer and more toned after the process! My skin was also very soft.  



Contouring - a more defined jawline. 

Firming - firms instantly up to 20%  

Immediate relief to dry skin. 

Stimulates connectiv skin tissues and defends against free radicals

Lifting and tightening  

Slimming - speeds up the metabolic process and helps the lymphatic system perform at its best


BOTTOM LINE: If you're feeling like a chipmunk or a might have that turkey neck coming on, give it a try. You are basically sweating out water weight, but if you're taking a lot of selfies that weekend. IN VAIN: WORTH IT

end of july.


No less than three drinks at brunch is acceptable. Also....I went bronde! I lightened up my hair quite and bit and am loving it. I get asked about this lipstick color quite a bit, it's YSL #23. 


I finally found a popover dress that works on me! I ordered a two piece set from LuLu's and it was AWFUL - the skirt was huge and the top was tiny! I should always stick to Nordstrom, lesson learned. This dress has a tiny bit of skin showing in back and is a bit shorter on me! Adam loved it and I was honestly surprised how flattering it was! I'll share some snaps from this weekend when I wear it!  


We had a great night out with friends last night. I had dinner with my best friend and she gave me the prettiest Kate Spade earrings! Adam and I said goodbye to a great friend who we will definitely miss. 


Life is keeping us busy in the best ways possible. I'm so excited to celebrate to beautiful people getting married this weekend and to spend it in gorgeous Brainerd, MN with my whole family!!!!